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Webinar: Impacts Of Marine Debris On Birds In The Gulf Of Maine Region

Webinar: Impacts of Marine Debris on Birds in the Gulf of Maine Region

February 16, 2021

DESCRIPTION: This webinar, hosted by USFWS and the NOAA Marine Debris Program, presents results of a literature review-based project initiated in 2020 to compile what is currently known about the impacts of marine debris on birds in the Gulf of Maine Region. It also identifies information gaps for understanding impacts of marine debris on birds and strategies for addressing these impacts, and introduces the idea of an implementation framework that will be used to guide partners in initiating collaborative actions. Two additional webinars are being planned (spring 2021) to develop the implementation framework. This work directly supports strategies identified in the Gulf of Maine Marine Debris Action Plan.

Webinar Agenda

Participant Notes from Webinar

Contact Caleb Spiegel or Michael Andranovich for more information.

Caleb Spiegel, USFWS
Demi Fox, NOAA Marine Debris Program
Michael Andranovich, University of Rhode Island

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